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Reem AL-Smeirat, our founder has always been passionate about the automotive industry, she always had it the hard way when looking for internships or even working opportunity in a male dominated sector.

She forced her way through by learning on her family's cars, with the assistance of her father.

Bit by bit she managed to put her foot into a mechanical shop that allowed her to learn and explore with cars and engines. 

The story goes beyond that, but one thing for sure, once Reem had her own company she knew that she didn't want any other woman to go through the same hardship but rather, be able to share her experience and help others achieve their goals...that's why WOMOTIVE is the CSR mission of CAD!

Ultimately she created the support system she wished for when she was starting out.

"It is important to spread the word on women supporting one another, building a strong community of women with the ability to lead.

Breaking gender roles stereotypical attitude not just in Jordan but the region.

It is about time that women stand up for themselves and pave their way through." ...Reem AL-Smeirat 

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