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Because we lead by example, proud to have these successful women as part of our initiative as a true example to what we stand for.

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Experienced Marketing Communications Manager with a demonstrated history of 12 years, working in the Automotive industry, Skilled in Customer Relationship Management, Brand Activation, and Market Analysis.



Award-winning social entrepreneur and impact investor chosen as Forbes Most Powerful Women, Mary
is the Chairperson of Landmark Hotels and the Founder of 17 Ventures and MVMNT, a wellness hub and
evolving platform. 17 Ventures was inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Mary is
passionate about building and supporting sustainable and conscious businesses. She comes from a
background of justice activism and is a UK Barrister. She is a multiethnic mother of 3 children and
continues on her lifelong mission to help make the world a fairer and more inclusive place. She is a
volunteer brand ambassador for several social enterprises that align with her values such as SEP,
Jordan’s first B-Corp in the Gaza Refugee Camp, and Lumeyo, a social enterprise empowering Bedouin
women in Wadi Rum.



Graduated from ABS 1995, ERAU 1999 BS aeronautical science. Started working at RJ in 1999. Has over 12000 Hours of flight time on A320, A340, ERJ 195/175, & the B7878.


Layla Al-Qasem

Layla Al-Qasim is the Women’s Empowerment Principles and Private Sector Specialist at UN Women Jordan Country Office. She has expertise in developing inclusive gender-responsive policies and systems and building strategic partnerships that have a measurable impact. With a strong focus on social impact, Layla works towards the inclusion and empowerment of women, refugees, youth, and people with disabilities. Layla has received comprehensive training in the fields of Gender TOT, Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Ethics and Integrity, Anti-fraud and corruption, Mentorship, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and verbal behaviour.

Layla volunteers as a trainer, judge, coach, and mentor for entrepreneurs and serves on various boards, including Careers of Gold.

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